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Residential Floor Plans

All apartments include the following:

  • High ceilings and large windows

  • Individual storage units for bikes, skis and other necessary toys

  • Off Street Parking

  • On site laundry

Apt 201.jpg

Apt 201 & 301

Two bedroom end units with large windows - perfect to watch the sunset. 

Apt 302.jpg

Apt 202 & 302

A small efficiency unit for those that enjoy the outdoors! ADA compliant unit.

Apt 303.jpg

Apt 203 & 303

One bedroom with large windows, modern open plan living. Tiled bathroom.

Apt 304.jpg

Apt 204 & 304

Two bedroom open plan unit with large windows, modern appliances and tiled bathroom

Apt 305.jpg

Apt 205 & 305

A good size efficiency unit for those that enjoy the outdoors but enjoy couch time. 

Apt 206.jpg

Apt 206 & 306

A large efficiency unit with large windows, open plan living and tiled bathroom.

Apt 207 & 307

A two bedroom end unit with open plan living, large window and tiled modern bathroom.

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