Praying Together

Welcome to our Community!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to live in the Creamery and make it your home. The development has been a labor of love for us and for the Richmond Community.  And we honored to welcome you. 


Below provides some details of the community and your apartment.  Our hope is to create a kind, respectful community for both people and planet.

Community Code of Conduct:

Protecting our environment and world. 

Our goal for our development is to minimize any impact on our environment to ensure it's available for future generations.  Our construction has used leading principles and technology in every way from locally sourcing material to energy and water efficient appliances to being net zero through solar arrays. We can only do so much. some of the requirements is on personal behavior and consumption.  We hope and ask our community to adhere to environmental principles and approach.  Some suggestions:

  • Be mindful of use of electricity, heat and AC. Turn it off. Turn it down.

  • Minimize our waste. This is not only a required LAW but the right thing to do. Follow recycling, compost and waste requirements.

  • Conserve water.

  • Take the stairs.


Create a mindful and respectful community

The Creamery will be home to many individuals and a few businesses. Our hope and wish that everyone enjoys the experience and is able to thrive.  Or even we are able to support each other and create a vibrant, respectful community.  To do that we request the following:

  • Behave in a reasonable, respectful manner to fellow residents, visitors, landlords, team members or contractors.

  • Do not create excessive noise or nuisance to fellow residents or businesses

  • Abide by the terms and conditions as provided in the lease.


Cleanliness and Virus Management

We ask for our tenants and team members to follow the strictest policies to the current Covid-19 pandemic. This is for the safety of all.  Guidance will the state and federal guidelines and include:

  • Everyone must wear face masks, gloves and observe a 6 ft social distancing policy.

  • Cleaning – We have a robust schedule of cleaning common surfaces with special care on doors, key pads, common bathrooms, water fountains, mailboxes and other shared surfaces.

  • Communication – Please keep the communication lines open. If you or someone has been diagnoses, please let us know. Your tenancy will not be impacted. We believe open communication will support safety and be respectful to our community.

Other Rules & Points of Consideration

  • No Smoking. As per your lease, the Creamery is a non-smoking building and community. This includes both marijuana and tobacco. 


Email Communication is Preferred.

Due to the remote and mobile location of our team, using emails to communicate is always recommended. 

For emergency or other support: Call 802-636-7006