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How to Apply for a Residential Unit?
Residential Application Process & Documents:

Please review the below in order to apply for an available residential units.  Applications are required for participating in Open Houses or to see property.  

Affordability Notice:  Please note that we use the standard calculation that income needs to be 3 times the rent.  We encourage you to apply for units that you can prove the income to afford as we will be looking at those factors to ensure its a good choice for you and our community. Some exceptions apply.  Please read here for more information and guidance.

Step #1: Review available residential units, dates, rates, and other details. Please do not apply for units that are not available.  

  • Click here to review available units and their details. 

Step #2: Download and fill out the rental application. 


Step #3: Submit your rental application to

Only those that apply will be provided details of any open house or viewings.  

Step #4: Review the SAMPLE Lease agreement

Whilst the team reviews your application and checks references, please review the lease to speed the approval process.  

Nothing available? Or looking for an alternative apartment size.
Get on the waitlist.

We understand the tightness of the housing market and want to provide efficient ways to find housing. If there are no available units or the wrong size for your needs, please submit a request to be added to the waitlist.  Once anything comes available, you will be the first to be notified. 

What size apartment are you interested in?

Thank you for joining the Waitlist!

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